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ARDEX Products

ARDEX manufacture a complete range of high performance flooring and tiling products, and is committed to matching the right product with the right installation method to minimise time, cost and risk. ARDEX products are supported by unparalleled technical and field experts, providing valuable product knowledge and job site consultation to architects, building engineers, construction managers, specialist contractors, and professional flooring installers and tile fixers. With ARDEX, the job is done right the first time, every time!

ARDEX's product range includes:

Industrial Flooring & Hardstanding Products

Floor Primers
Multipurpose primer, water based Ardex levelling compounds
Ardex P 51 Primer 
Ready mixed, rapid drying, solvent free, multipurpose primer Ardex P 4 Primer
Solvent free, two part epoxy primer, dense impervious surfaces Ardex P 82 Primer 
Degreaser to remove wax, oil grease etc from sub-floor Ardex DGR
Moisture tolerant epoxy primer for damp surfaces prior to PU Ardex R 3 E Primer
Fast cure epoxy primer, solvent free, prior to PU and Epoxy Ardex R 5 E Primer
Damp Proof Membranes One coat surface DPM & Moisture Suppressant Ardex DPM 1 C
Rapid Drying One coat surface DPM & Moisture Suppressant Ardex DPM 1 C R
PVC damp proofing and isolating membrane Ardex Rapidlay Membrane
Two coat surface DPM & Moisture Suppressant Ardex DPM Two Coat 
Solvent free multipurpose epoxide primer and DPM Ardex WPM 200 
 Repair Mortars Rapid drying patching and smoothing compound  Ardex Feather Finish 
Rapid drying and hardening internal repair mortar  Ardex Ardurapid A 45 
Rapid setting and hardening external repair mortar  Ardex A 46 
Water-based Levelling Compounds Rapid drying sub-floor levelling and smoothing compound  Ardex K 15 New
High build rapid drying sub-floor levelling & smoothing compound Ardex K 15 HB 
Rapid hardening levelling and smoothing compound Ardex K 11
Exterior self-smoothing, levelling & resurfacing compound Ardex K 301
Rapid drying flexible levelling & smoothing compound, timber floors Ardex FA 20
Ultra rapid hardening and drying levelling compound Ardex A 55
Latex-based Levelling Compounds Ultra rapid hardening latex sub-floor levelling & smoothing compound Arditex NA
Rapid setting ammonia free sub-floor levelling & smoothing compound Arditex RS Plus
Ultra rapid setting sub-floor smoothing compound Arditex
Cementitious – Commercial Screeds & Repair Mortars Rapid setting, ultra rapid drying cement for internal floor screed Ardex A 35
Rapid drying pre-blended screeding & repair mortar internal use Ardex A 35 Mix
Rapid hardening & drying cement for internal/external screeds Ardex A 38
Rapid hardening cement for floor screeds, tile in 48 hours Ardex A 23
Cementitious – Industrial Screeds & Repair Mortars Rapid drying industrial topping/wearing surface, heavy traffic Ardex K 80
Rapid drying industrial base mix to pre-level prior to K 80 Ardex SD-T B
Waterproofing Flexible rapid setting and drying waterproof protection system Ardex WPC
Flexible waterproof coating for swimming pools prior to tiling Ardex S 7
Waterproof jointing and filling mortar system Ardex WPJ

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