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Cleaning Chemicals & Protective Coatings Products

Chemical Resistant
Damp-tolerant, solvent free, epoxy resin for concrete & mild steel
Non toxic, epoxy resin, protective coating for concrete & metal
Nitocote EP405
High chemical resistant Epoxy Novolac lining to protect concrete & steel Nitocote EN901
 Anti-Graffiti Protection  Siloxane based coating, excellent decorative appearance, outstanding resistance Nu-Guard A.G.
 Pigmented, smooth, non-toxic, water soluble urethane coating, easy clean Nu-Flame A.G.
Single pack external coating to give effective protection against fly-posting/graffiti 
High performance crack-accommodating elastomeric acrylic coating 
High performance aliphatic protective & decorative coating for concrete 
Dekguard S
Textured weather-resistant coating system for exposed concrete & masonry 
Dekguard Textured
Water-based acrylic copolymer protective & decorative coating for concrete 
Dekguard W
Car Park Decking Exceptionally fast cure, high performance spray-applied Polyurea Polyurea FLM
Hand-applied, multi-layered, modified polyurethane system Nitodek
Anti-rust Zinc rich cold galvanising coating to protect iron and steel Galvafroid
Water Resistant Elastomeric cementitious coating with inherent crack-bridging ability Nitocote CM210
Penetrating, hydrophobic silane-siloxane treatment for concrete and masonry Nitocote SN502
Unique, clear, hydrophobic impregnation coating system Nu-Cryl A.G.
Unique acrylic oil and water repellent treatment Nu-Cryl WRS
Monomeric silane water repellent penetrant to protect from water and chloride Nitocote SN511
Energy Efficient Interior & exterior energy efficient coating systems with superior performance Nu-Guard NRG