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Grouting and Anchoring Products

At Forster Industrial we have many grouting and anchoring products for you to choose from for your particular needs.

Our range includes:

Cementitious Grouts

Conbextra GP General Purpose, Non-Shrink, Construction Grout Download PDF
Conbextra HF High Flow Grout, Pumpable More Info
Conbextra BB Bridge Bearing Grout, Highway Compatible Download PDF
Conbextra TS Thick Section Grout, Pumped or Poured Download PDF
Conbextra UW Underwater Grout Used on Bridge Columns, Quay Pillars, Slipways Download PDF

Epoxy Resin Grouts

Conbextra EPR Epoxy Resin Grout for Thicknesses 10 – 120mm, 101N/mm2  Download PDF
Conbextra EP10 Epoxy resin grout for thicknesses up to 10mm, 83N/mm2  Download PDF

Resin Anchor Systems

Lokfix P25 Pumpable Resin Grout for Overhead & Horizontal Holes, 87N/mm2 Download PDF
Lokfix S25 Resin grout for vertical holes, 83N/m2 Download PDF
Soudafix P-380ST Two-component anchoring resin, self mixing Download PDF

Grout Admixture

Cebex 100 Additive for grouts and mortars, gives high strenght and fluidity Download PDF