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Waterproofing Products

At Forster Industrial we have many waterproofing products for you to choose from for your particular needs.

Our range includes:

Pond / Containment Liners

Bentomat SS100 Geosynthetic Clay Liner Download PDF

Joint Protection

Waterstop RX101 Swellable Hydrophillic Waterstops Download PDF
Supercast SW10 & SW20 More Info
Servistrip AH205 Download PDF
Adcor 500S Swellable Butly Waterstops Download PDF
Supercast Synkoflex & Synkoflex FR Non-swelling pre-formed adhesive waterstop Download PDF
Masterflex 900 Advanced Injection Hose System Download PDF
AT System Internally/externally placed PVC waterstops Download PDF
Servitite Download PDF
Serviseal Download PDF
Serviband Expansion joint/crack overbanding & sealing Download PDF
Thoroflex 200 Download PDF
Thoro Flexi-Joint Download PDF
Masterflex 801 Combi Pack Download PDF

External Basement Membranes

Voltex Pre/post applied bentonite geotextile Download PDF
Proofex Hydromat Download PDF
Voltex DS Pre/post applied bentonite geotextile with HDPE liner Download PDF
Proofex Engage Cast in-situ waterproofing membrane Download PDF
Preprufe 300R & 160R Pre-applied HDPE composite Download PDF
Proofex 3000 Post applied self-adhesive HDPE More Info
Bituthene 4000 Download PDF
Bituthene 8000 Post applied advanced self-adhesive Download PDF
Bituthene 3000 Post applied self-adhesive rubber bitumen Download PDF
Proofex WG High performance epoxy waterproof grout for pile heads Download PDF
Swelltite Post applied composite bentonite with HDPE liner Download PDF

Drainage Membranes

Proofex Cavitydrain Drainage cavity former membrane for existing substructures Download PDF
Proofex Sheetdrain High density drainage membrane used to route ground water Download PDF

Waterproofing Slurries & Coatings

Volseal 100 Bituminous polymer modified liquid membrane Download PDF
Volseal 200 Cementitious waterproofing by crystallization Download PDF
Thoroseal 501 Download PDF
Proofex LM Bituminous liquid membrane for pipe entries and details Download PDF
Mulseal DP Bitumen waterproofing coating for use as a membrane Download PDF
Procor 10/20 Trowel applied synthetic rubber Download PDF
Procor 75 Spray applied synthetic rubber Download PDF
Procor Deck System 2 Spray/trowel applied, liquid waterproofing for concrete decks Download PDF
Thoroseal Super Brush/broom/spray applied cementitious coating Download PDF
Conipur M 869 F Hand applied polyurethane Download PDF
Cemspray 113 Spray applied polyurea Download PDF

DWI Approved Waterproofing Slurries, Coatings & Mortars

Nitocote CM210 Flexible cementitious DWI/WRAS coating for reservoirs Download PDF
Thoroseal Brush/spray applied cementitious coating Download PDF
Thoroseal FX100 2 component, brush applied waterproof coating Download PDF
Thoroseal PM Trowel applied waterproof render Download PDF
Thoro Structurite Rapid setting polymer modified repair mortar Download PDF
Thoro Dryjoint Grey Waterproof pointing mortar for joints in brick & stone Download PDF


Thoro Waterplug Rapid setting mortar for plugging active leaks Download PDF